Buy Black Corner: The Hair Clinic

By Tisia Saffold

Located at 3016 Guadalupe right outside The University of Texas at Austin campus The Hair Clinic is a one stop shop. Hair for women, in particular Black women hold a sense of identity, pride and attitude. As a first year grad student from Chicago new to Texas, leaving my hair stylist behind, one of my initial concerns was “who would do my hair” Although I was completely oblivious to the “hair culture” in Austin, I however did know what I was looking for in a hair stylist. My first criteria for a hair stylist is one that is concerned with the health of my hair, and wont just do the latest style using products and utensils that will sacrifice the health of my hair for a cute look. Great customer service and respect for my time (no one wants to spend all day in the salon) are also at the top of my list. To my luck my hunt for a great stylist was short lived and didn’t result in any horror stories.

The hair clinic is a Black owned salon servicing a variety of hair textures and styles. From natural hair and relaxed to curls locks and extensions, the Hair Clinic has a specialized stylist just for the look you want. Along with this great team of stylist comes immaculate service and wonderful décor. Beautiful artwork graces the walls of the waiting area while flat screen tv’s and your latest magazines await you by the shampoo bowl and dryers. Customers fill out a “new client” form upon their first visit that allows customers to discuss previous hair regimes, current hair products in use, as well as contact information. Appointments made with a stylist are entered into a computerized data base for great organization and precise scheduling. In this data base each customer has a profile that keeps track of appointment times and purchases.

As a retail store as well as a full service salon, customers can expect to find a variety of hair ranging from synthetics to cuticle remy, wigs and clip in hair extensions. Besides hair, The Hair Clinic also offers professional hair care and maintenance products as well as styling appliances such as flat irons, curling irons blow dryers and hair wavers.”

The Hair Clinic exceeded my expectations. Coming from drastically different climate, my hair didn’t take well to the scorching heat of a Texas summer. In a panic I contacted my stylist at The Hair Clinic and with much care and concern she scheduled me a FREE same day emergency consultation. She looked through my hair and recommended me hair products, a new hair regime, as well as an appointment to get my ends trimmed. Great customer service, a professional and skilled staff, wonderful ambiance, is only a few reasons why I rave.  For information about prices and products please visit Or better yet, pay them a visit; you have to experience this for yourself!

Visit the Hair Clinic at:


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